Seacraft submersibles are designed to put cutting-edge technology into simple, robust, and lightweight devices. Based on long development and testing in the most hostile natural environments – underwater caves, flooded mines, freezing water, and great depths – we created a revolutionary propulsion concept. Extreme power, high comfort and intuitive operation were enhanced by features and solutions crucial to gaining an advantage in modern warfare. This is how Seacraft’s special line was born and developed in cooperation with the best special forces operators in the world.

Our products are designed to be lighter, faster, and simpler than everything existing on the market. Combining intuitive driving with simple service protocols and long no-maintenance intervals, we minimize the amount of training required and operational cost. To fully discover our full special offer, and its advantages – we kindly invite you to further reading.

Based on the end-user request, the Seacraft construction and research and development team also develops and manufactures other elements, devices and specialized equipment for sea and underwater combat purposes. At the request of clients, technical tests of underwater equipment can be carried out

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Our expansion into the defence segment is a result of our understanding of special needs and our technical knowledge of how to build high-performance suits. Real professionals need to rely on products made by a proven specialized vendor known for consistent 100% quality and function. Waterproof has had a major breakthrough into this market segment with our line of suits and accessories for Military, Rescue and Police personnel. As with everything else we have done in the past for the diving community, we are determined to leave a statement of quality and design in this segment of the industry.

The Waterproof team works very closely with our clients as Special Forces, Navy divers, Rescue teams and Sea Police to develop an understanding of their highest priorities and needs.
Due to the arduous work and intricate tasks this group must perform, they have special design needs that are exclusive to their field of work. At the top of the fundamental issues that need to be addressed are movability, functionality, and comfort.

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With over 50 years of experience in the military field, SIEL today is one of the oldest and affirmed Italian Navy & Army supplier, as well as 41 countries worldwide, where our equipment covers a wide range of products that goes from Unmanned Surface Vessels, Autopilot systems, Telemetry and remote control systems to Special Forces’ Tactical diving equipment, Underwater Navigation and Communication systems.

Today’s market requires constant technological innovation, SIEL’s team of technicians and engineers in the research department work every day on understanding these needs, projecting, and applying innovations and developing new products.

The final result is a highly technological product according to European and Nato standards.

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Delair Marine strives to improve access, clarity and visibility of underwater data. Shaped by our experience in artifical intelligence and autonomous underwater drone, the Delair Marine “Seasam Ecosystem” brings a faster, safer and accurate process for every in-water operation.

Using advanced aquatic drone and a comprehensive online data platform, remote and thorough operations (hull inspections, bathymetric surveys, etc.) can be performed at a fraction of your costs. Our mission is to lower the cost and complexity of thorough in-water inspections.

Delair Marine “Seasam Drone™” is a compact underwater system capable of conducting autonomous operations as well as being a high-performance, next generation ROV. In autonomous mode, the drone is able to locate and track specific targets and perform complex operations such as hull inspections, leaks detections and more. Using proprietary sonar and vision technologies, Delair Marine “Seasam Drone” can avoid obstacles automatically, perform wall servoing and remain stable in any position.

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Vessel Arrest Systems has innovative solutions like the Boom, a maritime security barrier that will entangle a vessel’s propellers causing them to come to a controlled stop. It creates a clear demarcation line in the water and provides a less-than-lethal way to prevent unauthorised vessels from penetrating a water-based security zone. Easily installed using mooring buoys in line with IALA zoning legislation. The Vessel Arrest Boom is a quick and effective way to create a marine security zone.

The Vessel Arrest Boom is approved by the UK Home Office, Department of Transport and CPNI, it was developed from a multi year competitive program and matured beyond all competitors in stopping capability and performance and through life operation.

It can be installed as a permanent barrier or temporary option, easy to deploy and recover and can be tailored to specific needs of the user.

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If you are interested in one or more of our brands, just give us a call or send an e-mail with your company data, and mention what brands you are interested in.

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