Ultralife has a long-standing history of serving OEMs, the US military and government, and international forces.

Our batteries are specifically designed to remain reliable under the toughest conditions and built to withstand the harsh environments often found in military combat whilst our communications systems are packaged to meet specific needs for rugged enclosures and use in extreme environments.

We focus on agile product design and use a large distribution network with multiple contract vehicles to provide customers around the world with fast and affordable power solutions for mission-critical equipment—always ensuring exceptional performance in adverse conditions.

With innovation, dependability and affordability top of mind, we provide radio-agnostic solutions that suit more than one application, offer increased operational range and have been thoroughly reviewed by military users around the globe. We also offer a wide variety of charging solutions and accessories to meet your diverse needs. Our development team is continuously innovating to ensure our products meet strict military requirements and changing equipment.

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RTL Materials Ltd was established in 1998 and is the world’s only Bistable Rollable Composite manufacturer. This unique material is at the heart of every Rolatube we make and has enabled us to change the way we think about product design. The patented technology is now used in a wide range of industries and organisations around the world who depend on the unique characteristics of Rolatube products to support their operations.

Whether it’s defence or emergency response personnel using a Rolatube mast for essential communications or an energy supplier using a Rolatube boom for the inspection of critical infrastructure, the combination of low weight, packed volume and speed of deployment has enhanced the users’ capability, increased safety and saved lives time and time again.

Rolatube’s unique lightweight mast system is extremely quick to deploy and recover and were first proven in operations in Iraq in 2003, and then in extensive service in Afghanistan throughout the conflict. Rolatube’s lightweight tactical masts clearly demonstrated that low weight, small packed volume and speed of deployment and recovery, delivered substantial strategic advantages and gains in operational capability.

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We are a leaders in the field of expeditionary energy and information systems to the UK and European defence and security markets.

Established to focus on early entry military operations ZeroAlpha provide mission critial solutions that enable commanders and units to increase their mission endurance and operational effectiveness in austere and zero infrastructure environments.

Our solutions are low risk, highly innovative and have been operationally proven to enhance command and control and tactial effectiveness in the harshest of environments.Addressing the need to ‘deploy and sustain’ with minimal logistical support is the key aim of any or our solutions.

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Nishati’s team combines expertise in established, leading edge lightweight high-strength materials and manufacturing processes with creative mechanical designs that minimize equipment weight and volume while meeting challenging performance requirements.

Nishati applies this approach to both new equipment and re-engineered legacy equipment designs to enhance mobility and system utility and, in some cases, expanding the range of practical applications.

Nishati designs incorporate combinations of glass fiber-reinforced and carbon fiber-reinforced polymers, glass/carbon fiber hybrid materials and traditional metal fabrication and tailor manufacturing methods to achieve desired performance, aesthetics, and cost.

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