Polaris Solutions Ltd was founded in 2010 by two former IDF SOF fighters to be a leading force for revolutionary technologies that radically alter the strategic balance. We use our expertise to create innovative and effective technology for survivability solutions. Our products are being used by SOF around the globe.

  • Overcoming Sensors
    The modern battlefield is saturated with observation sensors. To ensure the survival of our troops, these sensors must be obstructed. Our TVC overcomes a wide array of sensor types.
  • 3D Camo
    Our TVC’s form is foldable and moldable, enabling the end user to adapt it for a specific AOR, manipulate the TVC to imitate any 3D object in the environment and then fold it back into a 2D form, repeatedly.
  • Multispectral
    The TVC conceals objects in the Visual, IR and FIR spectrum.
  • Sided Coloration-2
    All of our TVC products can be printed on each side to resemble the coloration of a specific or general AOR.

With our digitized coloration technique we can generate any color pattern and develop a tailor made camouflage pattern.

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Ruben Overgoor

Sales Rep.

Jeroen den Broeder




The construction industry is evolving, consistently striving to develop stronger more secure buildings and materials to provide improved security and safety from crime, fire and natural disaster. These developments however can present a challenge to military and emergency services when they have to enter by force.

At Sweden Entry Tools (SET) we are committed to meeting and overcoming the challenge that these developments present to you when failure to enter is not an option. Our combined years of operational police experience in mechanical and explosive breaching has taught us that the right equipment together with the right training will provide the best chance of success. Our breaching tools and equipment combined with our knowledge and techniques prepare you for real situations.

The SET Breaching System will assist you in breaching either metal or wooden inward and outward opening doors, regardless of the degree of security, and effect entry through high-level security glass. The SET Breaching Tools are designed to be used with minimum effort for maximum effect.

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Ruben Overgoor



Adventure Lights Inc. is a Canadian company whose products are recognized for their extreme durability and outstanding performance.

“Extreme Products for Extreme Conditions®” is more than just our trademark, it is part of our mission statement – to make versatile and unique products that can be consistently relied upon to deliver outstanding performance.

Our executive, engineering, and sales offices are located in Beaconsfield, while production, including surface mount and molding technologies, is located in Montreal. Adventure Lights personnel is made up of experts in portable lighting, product design, electronic and mechanical engineering, molding, and manufacturing.

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Ruben Overgoor

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Jeroen den Broeder


We are the original developers of the HESCO MIL Defensive Barrier. We engineer products that inspire confidence in military, security and environmental applications. We invest in solutions to reduce logistical burdens when faced with an emergency. We continue to develop new applications and innovations for protective systems, and we maintain integrity and innovation in everything we create.

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Ruben Overgoor


Tradition and modernity, quality and economy, experience and ambition – these are the poles between which our company FALKE moves confidently. The result is a product portfolio that is optimally designed for the requirements of practice-oriented users.

Following the tradition of world-famous target optics, you receive products from FALKE that combine proven technology with modern concepts. Our products are produced according to the highest quality standards on state-of-the-art machines by experienced employees. We are therefore setting new standards in terms of value for money. Our brand is backed by the experience of hunters, marksmen, gunsmiths and optics specialists who contribute their skills and ideas, which are then implemented using the best German engineering.

Put your trust in FALKE and let yourself be inspired by high-quality and durable products.

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Jeroen den Broeder


Founded in 2005, NEXTORCH is a global leading brand of high-end portable lighting products. We are devoted to providing professional mobile lighting solutions for law enforcement, hunting, and tactical, outdoor & everyday uses. With more than 142 patents and numerous awards, NEXTORCH has gained lots of recognition and built up a good reputation. Nowadays, NEXTORCH’s products have been sold to over 100 countries around the world.

Global leading brand of professional portable lighting products

We provide experts with more professional mobile lighting products for tactical use, law enforcement, hardware, and outdoor use. We are one of the founding members of PLATO, and leading R&D powerhouse & equipment manufacturers of flashlights

NEXTORCH learns by doing, we go through law enforcement officers’ training and organize courses in low-light tactics. We are guided by the pursuit of fulfilling real-world problems. NEXTORCH has gained lots of recognization and built up a good reputation, and provided lighting products & solutions to over 100 countries

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Jeroen den Broeder


BeaverFit was originally founded out of a challenge by the British Military. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength; providing equipment worldwide to military units, corporations, private gyms, universities, health clubs and more.

BeaverFit was started by Tom Beaver and grew out of a personal passion for the toughest endurance based fitness training. Incorporated in 2010 out of a challenge by the British military, BeaverFit has gone on to be a world leader in the production of training equipment.

BeaverFit is the original designer and manufacturer of shipping container training lockers, with over 10 years experience making and refining these unique products. We have supplied products to militaries worldwide and continue to be a market leader in the supply of military fitness equipment. Our ability for the manufacturing o custom training rigs has also been enjoyed by Cardiff Blues Sports Club, The Reebok Sports Club, Fusion Lifestyle, 1 Life, Exercise4Less, Jumeirah Beach Hotel Group, Pump Gyms, Bulgari Hotel and much more.

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Ruben Overgoor


If you are interested in one or more of our brands, just give us a call or send an e-mail with your company data, and mention what brands you are interested in.

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