GearPoint Special Products (part of G.F.P. (Gear for Professionals) BV) is a specialized unit within our organization with focus on Tactical Innovative Solutions. “Special Products” started back in 2006 as a sister company of Safe Tactics and moved to GearPoint since Januari 2022 to become part of G.F.P. (Gear for Professionals) BV.

GearPoint Special Products is the CLOSED side of the company, as we call it, that offers tactical innovative solutions to specific government clients only, and where high integrity and secrecy are paramount.


Because innovation is key, we have a selection of innovative and high quality solutions divided in four pillars. These four pillars are: Maritime, Communication, Acces and Protection.

Thanks to the direct contacts, we have with all of our brands and partners, our specialists can offer you the maximum support.

Most of our brands are well know by professionals end users, and offer great quality, usability and comfort.


We are experts in providing turn key solutions with innovative solutions, which support the professionals with a mission in the Defence and Homeland Security organizations.

At Gear Point Special Products you will find experts with many years of “hands-on” experience in your field of operation, including years of experience in successfully guiding suppliers to win tenders in multi stakeholder environments.

Our specialists have served in top tier military and law enforcement special operations units and cover a wide range of expertise.

GearPoint Special Products.


If you are looking for the most innovative solutions and best tactical brands, then you are on the right spot. GearPoint Special Products has the following FOUR pillars




Seacraft submersibles are designed to put cutting-edge technology into simple, robust, and lightweight devices. Based on long development and testing in the most hostile natural environments – underwater caves, flooded mines, freezing water, and great depths – we created a revolutionary propulsion concept. Extreme power, high comfort and intuitive operation were enhanced by features and solutions crucial to gaining an advantage in modern warfare. This is how Seacraft’s special line was born and developed in cooperation with the best special forces operators in the world.

Our products are designed to be lighter, faster, and simpler than everything existing on the market. Combining intuitive driving with simple service protocols and long no-maintenance intervals, we minimize the amount of training required and operational cost. To fully discover our full special offer, and its advantages – we kindly invite you to further reading.

Based on the end-user request, the Seacraft construction and research and development team also develops and manufactures other elements, devices and specialized equipment for sea and underwater combat purposes. At the request of clients, technical tests of underwater equipment can be carried out

Sales Rep.

Ruben Overgoor


Our expansion into the defence segment is a result of our understanding of special needs and our technical knowledge of how to build high-performance suits. Real professionals need to rely on products made by a proven specialized vendor known for consistent 100% quality and function. Waterproof has had a major breakthrough into this market segment with our line of suits and accessories for Military, Rescue and Police personnel. As with everything else we have done in the past for the diving community, we are determined to leave a statement of quality and design in this segment of the industry.

The Waterproof team works very closely with our clients as Special Forces, Navy divers, Rescue teams and Sea Police to develop an understanding of their highest priorities and needs.
Due to the arduous work and intricate tasks this group must perform, they have special design needs that are exclusive to their field of work. At the top of the fundamental issues that need to be addressed are movability, functionality, and comfort.

Sales Rep.

Ruben Overgoor


With over 50 years of experience in the military field, SIEL today is one of the oldest and affirmed Italian Navy & Army supplier, as well as 41 countries worldwide, where our equipment covers a wide range of products that goes from Unmanned Surface Vessels, Autopilot systems, Telemetry and remote control systems to Special Forces’ Tactical diving equipment, Underwater Navigation and Communication systems.

Today’s market requires constant technological innovation, SIEL’s team of technicians and engineers in the research department work every day on understanding these needs, projecting, and applying innovations and developing new products.

The final result is a highly technological product according to European and Nato standards.

Sales Rep.

Ruben Overgoor


Delair Marine strives to improve access, clarity and visibility of underwater data. Shaped by our experience in artifical intelligence and autonomous underwater drone, the Seasam ecosystem brings a faster, safer and accurate process for every in-water operation.

Using advanced aquatic drone and a comprehensive online data platform, remote and thorough operations (hull inspections, bathymetric surveys, etc.) can be performed at a fraction of your costs. Our mission is to lower the cost and complexity of thorough in-water inspections.

Seasam Drone™ is a compact underwater system capable of conducting autonomous operations as well as being a high-performance, next generation ROV. In autonomous mode, the drone is able to locate and track specific targets and perform complex operations such as hull inspections, leaks detections and more. Using proprietary sonar and vision technologies, Seasam Drone can avoid obstacles automatically, perform wall servoing and remain stable in any position.

Sales Rep.

Ruben Overgoor


Vessel Arrest Systems has innovative solutions like the Boom, a maritime security barrier that will entangle a vessel’s propellers causing them to come to a controlled stop. It creates a clear demarcation line in the water and provides a less-than-lethal way to prevent unauthorised vessels from penetrating a water-based security zone. Easily installed using mooring buoys in line with IALA zoning legislation. The Vessel Arrest Boom is a quick and effective way to create a marine security zone.

The Vessel Arrest Boom is approved by the UK Home Office, Department of Transport and CPNI, it was developed from a multi year competitive program and matured beyond all competitors in stopping capability and performance and through life operation.

It can be installed as a permanent barrier or temporary option, easy to deploy and recover and can be tailored to specific needs of the user.

Sales Rep.

Ruben Overgoor




Ultralife has a long-standing history of serving OEMs, the US military and government, and international forces.

Our batteries are specifically designed to remain reliable under the toughest conditions and built to withstand the harsh environments often found in military combat whilst our communications systems are packaged to meet specific needs for rugged enclosures and use in extreme environments.

We focus on agile product design and use a large distribution network with multiple contract vehicles to provide customers around the world with fast and affordable power solutions for mission-critical equipment—always ensuring exceptional performance in adverse conditions.

With innovation, dependability and affordability top of mind, we provide radio-agnostic solutions that suit more than one application, offer increased operational range and have been thoroughly reviewed by military users around the globe. We also offer a wide variety of charging solutions and accessories to meet your diverse needs. Our development team is continuously innovating to ensure our products meet strict military requirements and changing equipment.

Sales Rep.

Ruben Overgoor


RTL Materials Ltd was established in 1998 and is the world’s only Bistable Rollable Composite manufacturer. This unique material is at the heart of every Rolatube we make and has enabled us to change the way we think about product design. The patented technology is now used in a wide range of industries and organisations around the world who depend on the unique characteristics of Rolatube products to support their operations.

Whether it’s defence or emergency response personnel using a Rolatube mast for essential communications or an energy supplier using a Rolatube boom for the inspection of critical infrastructure, the combination of low weight, packed volume and speed of deployment has enhanced the users’ capability, increased safety and saved lives time and time again.

Rolatube’s unique lightweight mast system is extremely quick to deploy and recover and were first proven in operations in Iraq in 2003, and then in extensive service in Afghanistan throughout the conflict. Rolatube’s lightweight tactical masts clearly demonstrated that low weight, small packed volume and speed of deployment and recovery, delivered substantial strategic advantages and gains in operational capability.

Sales Rep.

Ruben Overgoor

Sales Rep.

Jeroen den Broeder


We are a leaders in the field of expeditionary energy and information systems to the UK and European defence and security markets.

Established to focus on early entry military operations ZeroAlpha provide mission critial solutions that enable commanders and units to increase their mission endurance and operational effectiveness in austere and zero infrastructure environments.

Our solutions are low risk, highly innovative and have been operationally proven to enhance command and control and tactial effectiveness in the harshest of environments.Addressing the need to ‘deploy and sustain’ with minimal logistical support is the key aim of any or our solutions.

Sales Rep.

Ruben Overgoor


Nishati’s team combines expertise in established, leading edge lightweight high-strength materials and manufacturing processes with creative mechanical designs that minimize equipment weight and volume while meeting challenging performance requirements.

Nishati applies this approach to both new equipment and re-engineered legacy equipment designs to enhance mobility and system utility and, in some cases, expanding the range of practical applications.

Nishati designs incorporate combinations of glass fiber-reinforced and carbon fiber-reinforced polymers, glass/carbon fiber hybrid materials and traditional metal fabrication and tailor manufacturing methods to achieve desired performance, aesthetics, and cost.

Sales Rep.

Ruben Overgoor




Polaris Solutions Ltd was founded in 2010 by two former IDF SOF fighters to be a leading force for revolutionary technologies that radically alter the strategic balance. We use our expertise to create innovative and effective technology for survivability solutions. Our products are being used by SOF around the globe.

  • Overcoming Sensors
    The modern battlefield is saturated with observation sensors. To ensure the survival of our troops, these sensors must be obstructed. Our TVC overcomes a wide array of sensor types.
  • 3D Camo
    Our TVC’s form is foldable and moldable, enabling the end user to adapt it for a specific AOR, manipulate the TVC to imitate any 3D object in the environment and then fold it back into a 2D form, repeatedly.
  • Multispectral
    The TVC conceals objects in the Visual, IR and FIR spectrum.
  • Sided Coloration-2
    All of our TVC products can be printed on each side to resemble the coloration of a specific or general AOR.

With our digitized coloration technique we can generate any color pattern and develop a tailor made camouflage pattern.

Sales Rep.

Ruben Overgoor

Sales Rep.

Jeroen den Broeder


SAN’s World Leading Tactical Breaching Solutions feature cutting-edge technologies and lightweight materials, enabling a single operator to deploy a robust toolkit capable of breaching any structure swiftly. We at SAN believe that tactical operators must have access to speed, maneuverability, and multifunctional capabilities, which are crucial for defense and rescue forces to execute their missions effectively. Our commitment is to relentlessly innovate, produce, and design more compact and efficient kits that meet the highest operational standards.

A key challenge for SAN is to tailor our forced entry gear to meet the specific needs of our clients. Therefore, we engage with Police & Homeland Security units, Firefighters & Rescue teams, Military & Special forces individually, ensuring a perfect match between our solutions and their operational needs.

In addition to our superior product offerings, SAN is dedicated to providing comprehensive training solutions. Recognizing the variety of operational contexts, we offer a range of training courses and reusable training aids designed to enhance a unit’s breaching skills. These resources, carefully developed by SAN, equip tactical operators for any situation, ensuring they are always ready and capable.

Sales Rep.

Ruben Overgoor


Adventure Lights Inc. is a Canadian company whose products are recognized for their extreme durability and outstanding performance.

“Extreme Products for Extreme Conditions®” is more than just our trademark, it is part of our mission statement – to make versatile and unique products that can be consistently relied upon to deliver outstanding performance.

Our executive, engineering, and sales offices are located in Beaconsfield, while production, including surface mount and molding technologies, is located in Montreal. Adventure Lights personnel is made up of experts in portable lighting, product design, electronic and mechanical engineering, molding, and manufacturing.

Sales Rep.

Ruben Overgoor

Sales Rep.

Jeroen den Broeder


We are the original developers of the HESCO MIL Defensive Barrier. We engineer products that inspire confidence in military, security and environmental applications. We invest in solutions to reduce logistical burdens when faced with an emergency. We continue to develop new applications and innovations for protective systems, and we maintain integrity and innovation in everything we create.

Sales Rep.

Lesley Kruitbos

Sales Rep.

Ruben Overgoor


BeaverFit was originally founded out of a challenge by the British Military. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength; providing equipment worldwide to military units, corporations, private gyms, universities, health clubs and more.

BeaverFit was started by Tom Beaver and grew out of a personal passion for the toughest endurance based fitness training. Incorporated in 2010 out of a challenge by the British military, BeaverFit has gone on to be a world leader in the production of training equipment.

BeaverFit is the original designer and manufacturer of shipping container training lockers, with over 10 years experience making and refining these unique products. We have supplied products to militaries worldwide and continue to be a market leader in the supply of military fitness equipment. Our ability for the manufacturing o custom training rigs has also been enjoyed by Cardiff Blues Sports Club, The Reebok Sports Club, Fusion Lifestyle, 1 Life, Exercise4Less, Jumeirah Beach Hotel Group, Pump Gyms, Bulgari Hotel and much more.

Sales Rep.

Ruben Overgoor





PROTEQ bodygear is a certified partner for developing, manufacturing, and marketing the best body protection solutions with smart designs. Our vests are worn by police, military, and civil forces. Made of the most flexible, quality materials, with advanced designs, and a high degree of comfort, PROTEQ’s products meet all user requirements. Tailor-made for an individual fit, our vests provide the highest degree of comfort.

PROTEQ bodygear upholds extreme quality standards, as we are fully aware that our products must protect the lives of our clients on a daily basis. PROTEQ makes no exceptions in conducting the final quality check, before shipping our products from our production facility in Bad Bentheim, Germany.

PROTEQ bodygear manufactures tailored products with high-end materials, based on a sport-tech design. These ingredients make our bulletproof vests highly comfortable. PROTEQ is sincere about users’ demands and protects the complete upper body all around, including overlapping sides.

Sales Rep.

Ruben Overgoor

Sales Rep.

Lesley Kruitbos


UF Pro

Before we started the UF PRO brand, we were known only under our company name UNI&FORMA. UNI&FORMA was founded 1997 in Slovenia with the vision to make high performance garment systems for large organisations. We soon started to supply the biggest government organizations in Slovenia, such as the Slovenian Military, Police, Customs and many others.

With almost two decades of experience of manufacturing outdoor clothing systems for professional end-users, we started to work with smaller LE and military units, who approached us with even higher demands for qualitative and functional tactical outdoor apparel.

Out of these projects the idea of the UF PRO brand was born.

With new product concepts, innovative technologies and never before seen features, we soon became one of the most innovative brands in the high-end tactical clothing industry. Today we are extremely proud and honoured that highly specialised military and LE units, whose lives depend on their gear, choose UF PRO.

Sales Rep.

Jeroen den Broeder

Sales Rep.

Lesley Kruitbos


Louis – Co-founder – Former Special Forces (SBS)

“We have spent the majority of our military careers within United Kingdom special forces. In this time we’ve endured some of the world’s most arduous environments in extremely demanding circumstances.

ThruDark was born out of our constant requirement for the best clothing and equipment to assist us in this ‘Endeavour Through Adversity’.

The brand name ‘Thru-Dark’ represents the endurance through difficult situations experienced not only by ourselves and our colleagues but to all those who encounter hardship in their own lives.”

14 years distinguished and decorated military service, 8 within UKSF.

Staz CGC – Co-founder – Former Special Forces (SBS)

“We have operated and thrived in some of the world’s most inhospitable environments. Our background gives us first-hand experience in developing our products for a broad spectrum of climates from extreme cold tundra, humid jungle to searing, arid desert.

Our products are manufactured to the highest standards using a diverse range of world-leading fabrics that are continually tested and developed by ourselves and our close network of Operators around the globe.

We are proud to exhibit all of our design, development and manufacturing processes to our consumers. We operate with complete transparency to allow an absolute understanding of our products’ worth”

13 years distinguished and decorated military service, 10 within UKSF, last 3 years as a highly experienced, multi-skilled, chief sniper instructor & demolitions expert.

Awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for combat actions conducted in Afghanistan in 2013.

Sales Rep.

Jeroen den Broeder


Masters of Gloves originated in 2017 from the awareness that for many professional users facing serious threats on a daily basis (physical attacks with cuts and punctures, fires, disasters, accidents, etc.), there were insufficient or inadequate hand protection solutions. With years of experience in the (industrial) PPE sector, we understood perfectly how urgent and vital this issue was.

Even though strong brands offering such products have existed for decades, it is striking that many users are still unaware of their existence or are not satisfied with their user comfort. One striking example is needle puncture protection that ultimately led to the development and distribution of the Guide CPN gloves. In addition, several other protective gloves were launched, including the combat gloves for the NATO.

After new requests kept arising, asking for very specific (tactical) performances, the brand MoG was established with one very clear baseline: We Create for all those Who Protect us.

Sales Rep.

Jeroen den Broeder

Sales Rep.

Ruben Overgoor


Offgrid is a company based in the USA and is well know for their Faraday data and device protection solutions. All equipment placed in an Offgrid faraday pouch or bag immediately becomes invisible to the outside world. Not only WiFi and Bluetooth signals are blocked, but also 3G, 4G and 5G signals are completely shielded.

The Offgrid farady pouches and bags block all outgoing signals from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other device. Of course they also block all signals to your equipment when it is in the Offgrid bag or pouch. In this way, all your equipment goes off grid immediately.

Sales Rep.

Jeroen den Broeder

Sales Rep.

Ruben Overgoor



At C.P.E., we are dedicated to working closely with end users, ensuring that our solutions are unrivaled in their performance. Our comprehensive range of ballistic products caters to various concealed protection requirements. Our flagship models, featuring a consistent panel design, have gained popularity worldwide. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of custom designs to meet specific customer preferences. Whether it’s producing vests based on your measurements or providing female vests with different cup sizes, we prioritize personalized fit and comfort.

The C.P.E. lineup includes:

  • RIOT Protection
  • Tactical vests
  • Plate carriers
  • Concealed models
  • Flotation vests
  • Ballistic blankets
  • Shields
  • Soft and hard ballistic panels
  • Ballistic helmets
  • Vehicle ballistic protection

Sales Rep.

Ruben Overgoor

Sales Rep.

Jeroen den Broeder


Lindnerhof was founded 2006 by former special forces soldiers of the German KSK and produces high-quality, functional, and modular gear for tactical missions.

A wide array of products ranges from apparel, to modular load-bearing solutions and packs, bullet-proof vests and tactical gear, putting an emphasis on high-quality bags. Years of experience in active duty is what makes Lindnerhof a favored and reliable partner for the military, police forces and private customers.

Sales Rep.

Jeroen den Broeder

Sales Rep.

Ruben Overgoor


If you are interested in one or more of our brands, just give us a call or send an e-mail with your company data, and mention what brands you are interested in.

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